What are raised toilet seats and how to buy them?

What are raised toilet seats and how to buy them?

Do you have someone in the family that has recently had a surgery of the knee or hip or someone who is struggling with severe arthritis pain? If so you must be aware by now that they are having a hard time when they have to use the toilet. You sure have to do something to ease the problem for them and getting a Raised Toilet Seat seems to be the best thing to do under these circumstances.

What are raised toilet seats?

Elevated or raised toilet seats also referred to as handicap seats and are medical equipment useful for elderly people with joint pains or arthritis and also those who have certain physical disabilities, injury, or disease.

A toilet riser is a device made to sit on top of the existing toilet to raise the height of the seat to make it convenient for people who have a problem using the regular ones. This is a wonderful solution that fixes the problem easily and with little expenditure.

Replacing the existing toilet with a new and taller one is also a good solution but involves a lot of expenditure and requires a professional to do the job so going in for a handicap toilet seat is the best choice.

Buying a raised toilet seat

There are several models available in this category some with special or extra handles, some with additional padding, some that come in elongated styles, etc. Many of them are available online in various popular and reliable websites from where you can browse and pick the one that best suits your need.

Consider the probable length of usage, temporary or permanent, take into account the height of the person who is going to use it, look at the weight of this person and then decide on which one you wish to buy.

Precautions to take while purchasing toilet raisers

Stability is the most important factor to consider while purchasing toilet raiser; this ensures safety of the user protecting him/her from falling.

The elevation of the toilet raiser has to be checked to ensure that it is sufficient for the user.

Go for the ergonomically designed handicap toilet seat since it has a higher seat and this one allows the disabled user to sit or get off the toilet seat easily.

Adjustability of the toilet seat is a great feature that allows the user to raise it more if the height is not enough.

Raised toilet seat in plastic

Raised toilet seats made of good quality plastic have several advantages and some of them are mentioned here for you.

Plastic surely is a very comfortable material

It stays away from rusting, chipping and cracking and is very easy to install.

They can be cleaned easily and they do not leave many stains on the plastic.

High quality plastic raised toilet seats are great for long term use and they last for several years.

Plastic toilet seats have a wide variety of colour to choose from; they also come in various sizes and styles to match any sort of decor.

Plastic toilet seats are far better than metal ones especially in winter when the metal ones become really very cold and uncomfortable.

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