Raised toilet seats and the various types available today

Raised toilet seats and the various types available today

Arthritis is a debilitating condition that affects most of the senior citizens causing a host of problems with sitting and standing. Those inflicted with arthritis suffer from mobility issues. Arthritis commonly accompanied by joint pains limits ones movements and people found with this condition have terrible issues going to the normal toilet.

But compared to elders of olden times, the new batch of senior citizens are facing lesser problems owing to the tremendous advancement in science and medicine making it easier for the caregivers to resolve their issues and one such innovation that is a blessing to the elderly is the raised toilet seat.

Why people with arthritis need raised toilet seats

Arthritis is a condition characterized by painful and stiff joints that make it very difficult to sit or stand.

Sitting on a toilet seat and also getting up from it become very difficult tasks for those affected with arthritis. In order to overcome this problem the best solution available is to raise the height of the toilet seat.

And how does one do it? There is a simple yet effective solution to solve this problem and that is to raise the toilet seat. This can be done by adding a Raised Toilet Seat cushion on top of the existing toilet seat but this is will be most uncomfortable and unhygienic thing to do especially for those who have mobility issues.

Different types of raised toilet seats

Today there are so many better solutions available around us to overcome this problem.



One is to use a Toilevator, a toilet spacer that can fit beneath the base of the toilet. It can raise the entire existing toilet up to 3.5 inches from the ground to ensure that the regular seat can still be used.

Toilet riser insert

These are lightweight plastic inserts that sit on the toilet bowl and are good for temporary use such as post surgery need. They are inexpensive and can raise the seat by 3.5 inches to 5 inches. Most of them have clamp like devices that hold the seat to the fixture and this makes it safer to sit on without slippage.

Taller toilet seat

This one is more secure and safe than a loose toilet riser but these are not easy to clean.

Toilet spacer

Superb for a medium term of usage; easy to clean but requires skill to install it between the toilet and the floor. It can be made to blend perfectly with the decor in the bathroom.

Taller toilet fixture

This one is a very simple solution for a long term or permanent use and is easy to clean too but is a little more expensive than others and also requires new installation.

Electric toilet lift seat

This is like an electric lift that lifts the user to almost upright position and is most expensive apart from being really difficult to keep clean.

When deciding on which one of the raised toilet seats is a perfect option one has to also consider some other aspects before going in for the purchase and they are safety of the user, ease of cleaning, convenience of installation, and finally affordability.

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