Using A Raised Toilet Seat Means Comfort, Independence, and Practicality.

Using A Raised Toilet Seat Means Comfort, Independence, and Practicality.

As people age, manage post surgery, and face physical obstacles there are answers for self care. Using a raised toilet seat means more people can maintain independence. It can be difficult to move around, for many reasons.

When using the commode, it is helpful to be able to sit without dropping down too low. This makes it easier to get up and down easily. Some people add a side bar, to allow leverage for rising from the seat.

Reviews have been very favorable, as people have found the raised seat to be much easier to use. Even guests in a home opt to leave the removable seat in place.


Imagine coming home from knee surgery with an immobilizer or cast on the leg.

Getting on and off a commode can be very challenging when wearing this contraption. With a raised toilet seat, there is less likelihood of getting pinched behind the leg. Post back surgery patients find that there is less of a chance of needing someone to help them on and off the toilet. This allows for privacy, as much as possible. With non-skid pads, the seat will not slip and cause accidents. Cleaning is reported to be easier. Removal is also a cinch.

Always check the seat specifications, to be certain that it can hold the weight of the designated user. There are also seats which are more portable. They are used on a regular basis in the home and can be packed for trips. This way it is possible to have a raised toilet seat when traveling. Side toilets for bed fast patients can accommodate these seats. Many already have this option built in. Reviews have come through with marked praise for this type of toilet seat. There is less pivoting on the one good foot. Some people prefer the flat top while others like a depression in front.

A newer seat is the elevated seat which fits under the conventional toilet seat. By attaching the raised toilet seat in this way, there is the comfort of the traditional seat. It is also possible to close the toilet lid. This is especially preferred, for people who used toilet cleaners and want their lid down for safety. Shoppers who purchase a seat for handicapped users find that it helps to have a front or side rail. Safety first is the best rule to follow. Choosing bars or rails with rubber pads help to secure devices.

Available Styles Of Raised Toilet Seats

  • Plain raised toilet seats
  • Padded raised toilet seats
  • Portable raised toilet seats
  • Raised toilet seats with arms

Keeping Your Raised Toilet Seat Clean


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