Arthritis is a debilitating condition that affects most of the senior citizens causing a host of problems with sitting and standing. Those inflicted with arthritis suffer from mobility issues. Arthritis commonly accompanied by joint pains limits ones movements and people found with this condition have terrible issues going to the normal toilet.

But compared to elders of olden times, the new batch of senior citizens are facing lesser problems owing to the tremendous advancement in science and medicine making it easier for the caregivers to resolve their issues and one such innovation that is a blessing to the elderly is the raised toilet seat.

Why people with arthritis need raised toilet seats

Arthritis is a condition characterized by painful and stiff joints that make it very difficult to sit or stand.

Sitting on a toilet seat and also getting up from it become very difficult tasks for those affected with arthritis. In order to overcome this problem the best solution available is to raise the height of the toilet seat.

And how does one do it? There is a simple yet effective solution to solve this problem and that is to raise the toilet seat. This can be done by adding a Raised Toilet Seat cushion on top of the existing toilet seat but this is will be most uncomfortable and unhygienic thing to do especially for those who have mobility issues.

Different types of raised toilet seats

Today there are so many better solutions available around us to overcome this problem.



One is to use a Toilevator, a toilet spacer that can fit beneath the base of the toilet. It can raise the entire existing toilet up to 3.5 inches from the ground to ensure that the regular seat can still be used.

Toilet riser insert

These are lightweight plastic inserts that sit on the toilet bowl and are good for temporary use such as post surgery need. They are inexpensive and can raise the seat by 3.5 inches to 5 inches. Most of them have clamp like devices that hold the seat to the fixture and this makes it safer to sit on without slippage.

Taller toilet seat

This one is more secure and safe than a loose toilet riser but these are not easy to clean.

Toilet spacer

Superb for a medium term of usage; easy to clean but requires skill to install it between the toilet and the floor. It can be made to blend perfectly with the decor in the bathroom.

Taller toilet fixture

This one is a very simple solution for a long term or permanent use and is easy to clean too but is a little more expensive than others and also requires new installation.

Electric toilet lift seat

This is like an electric lift that lifts the user to almost upright position and is most expensive apart from being really difficult to keep clean.

When deciding on which one of the raised toilet seats is a perfect option one has to also consider some other aspects before going in for the purchase and they are safety of the user, ease of cleaning, convenience of installation, and finally affordability.

Part of helping seniors to be more independent includes providing them with the things they need to be able to live in their homes comfortably and without fear of injury. Things such as a raised toilet seat help seniors to retain more of their independence for longer, while maintaining their privacy and keeping them safe from injury.

As we age our mobility decreases, things such as bending over, sitting and climbing steps can become much more difficult and increase the risk of injury from falls. Even standing up to look at your  beauty mirror with lighting can be a challenge akin to climbing Everest. Hip, back or knee surgery can also cause problems and make it more difficult for you to perform simple tasks such as going to the bathroom or taking a shower. Thankfully more products are being made all the time to help seniors overcome these problems without the help of a full time helper. A barrier free shower or raised toilet seats can make all the difference in the ability of a senior to live in their own home longer.

While there are a number of products available to assist a senior with the day to day tasks there are a few that are a bit more important. Equipping a bathroom for seniors is particularly important as these tasks are essential in daily living and tasks such as these can easily cause injury due to their nature. Equipping a bathroom for a senior may take a bit of work but it will bring the peace of mind of avoiding injuries by doing such things as making floors non slippery with rugs or non skid floors, installing a sitting shower and a toilet  raised seat.

Your shower should include a no barrier entrance and a non skid floor, to ensure that your senior is at no risk or falling or being stuck in the shower. Shower controls should keep the senior from having to bend to reach them and the shower should have a heat control to prevent the senior from accidentally scalding themselves because they slip when using the faucet.

A raised toilet seats should be high enough that your senior keeps their weight above their knees and a handle should be installed near the raised toilet seat that allows them to steady themselves when they are trying to get on and off the toilet.

Equipping the bathroom for your senior does not have to cost a lot of money nor does it need to require a lot of remodeling. Most mobility improvements can be done with little effort and on a budget.

Do you have someone in the family that has recently had a surgery of the knee or hip or someone who is struggling with severe arthritis pain? If so you must be aware by now that they are having a hard time when they have to use the toilet. You sure have to do something to ease the problem for them and getting a Raised Toilet Seat seems to be the best thing to do under these circumstances.

What are raised toilet seats?

Elevated or raised toilet seats also referred to as handicap seats and are medical equipment useful for elderly people with joint pains or arthritis and also those who have certain physical disabilities, injury, or disease.

A toilet riser is a device made to sit on top of the existing toilet to raise the height of the seat to make it convenient for people who have a problem using the regular ones. This is a wonderful solution that fixes the problem easily and with little expenditure.

Replacing the existing toilet with a new and taller one is also a good solution but involves a lot of expenditure and requires a professional to do the job so going in for a handicap toilet seat is the best choice.

Buying a raised toilet seat

There are several models available in this category some with special or extra handles, some with additional padding, some that come in elongated styles, etc. Many of them are available online in various popular and reliable websites from where you can browse and pick the one that best suits your need.

Consider the probable length of usage, temporary or permanent, take into account the height of the person who is going to use it, look at the weight of this person and then decide on which one you wish to buy.

Precautions to take while purchasing toilet raisers

Stability is the most important factor to consider while purchasing toilet raiser; this ensures safety of the user protecting him/her from falling.

The elevation of the toilet raiser has to be checked to ensure that it is sufficient for the user.

Go for the ergonomically designed handicap toilet seat since it has a higher seat and this one allows the disabled user to sit or get off the toilet seat easily.

Adjustability of the toilet seat is a great feature that allows the user to raise it more if the height is not enough.

Raised toilet seat in plastic

Raised toilet seats made of good quality plastic have several advantages and some of them are mentioned here for you.

Plastic surely is a very comfortable material

It stays away from rusting, chipping and cracking and is very easy to install.

They can be cleaned easily and they do not leave many stains on the plastic.

High quality plastic raised toilet seats are great for long term use and they last for several years.

Plastic toilet seats have a wide variety of colour to choose from; they also come in various sizes and styles to match any sort of decor.

Plastic toilet seats are far better than metal ones especially in winter when the metal ones become really very cold and uncomfortable.

As people age, manage post surgery, and face physical obstacles there are answers for self care. Using a raised toilet seat means more people can maintain independence. It can be difficult to move around, for many reasons.

When using the commode, it is helpful to be able to sit without dropping down too low. This makes it easier to get up and down easily. Some people add a side bar, to allow leverage for rising from the seat.

Reviews have been very favorable, as people have found the raised seat to be much easier to use. Even guests in a home opt to leave the removable seat in place.


Imagine coming home from knee surgery with an immobilizer or cast on the leg.

Getting on and off a commode can be very challenging when wearing this contraption. With a raised toilet seat, there is less likelihood of getting pinched behind the leg. Post back surgery patients find that there is less of a chance of needing someone to help them on and off the toilet. This allows for privacy, as much as possible. With non-skid pads, the seat will not slip and cause accidents. Cleaning is reported to be easier. Removal is also a cinch.

Always check the seat specifications, to be certain that it can hold the weight of the designated user. There are also seats which are more portable. They are used on a regular basis in the home and can be packed for trips. This way it is possible to have a raised toilet seat when traveling. Side toilets for bed fast patients can accommodate these seats. Many already have this option built in. Reviews have come through with marked praise for this type of toilet seat. There is less pivoting on the one good foot. Some people prefer the flat top while others like a depression in front.

A newer seat is the elevated seat which fits under the conventional toilet seat. By attaching the raised toilet seat in this way, there is the comfort of the traditional seat. It is also possible to close the toilet lid. This is especially preferred, for people who used toilet cleaners and want their lid down for safety. Shoppers who purchase a seat for handicapped users find that it helps to have a front or side rail. Safety first is the best rule to follow. Choosing bars or rails with rubber pads help to secure devices.

Available Styles Of Raised Toilet Seats

  • Plain raised toilet seats
  • Padded raised toilet seats
  • Portable raised toilet seats
  • Raised toilet seats with arms

Keeping Your Raised Toilet Seat Clean